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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 1688 Connecticut Land Deed Signed by James Fitch and his Wife Alice Fitch who was the Daughter of William Bradford 450
2 17th Century Military Manual 50
3 Outstanding Letter by Lawrence Washington - Brother of George Washington to their Father with Fascinating Content 5750
4 Benjamin Franklin Writes Regarding His Experiments With Electricity 150
5 Franklin Discusses His Invention, the Lightening Rod 200
6 Sir Isaac Newton 50
7 Reporting the French & Indian War - George Washington, Rogers Rangers, Fall of Louisburg 1200
8 1767 Land Deed on Colonial Fabric PASS
9 Less than six months after Lexington and Concord, Benjamin Franklin commissions an officer of a Provincial Armed Boat "for the protection of the Province of Pennsylvania … and for the defense of 6000
10 Both Our Declaration of Independence and Thomas Paine's Common Sense Are Reviewed in London 275
11 William Draper Writes of the Loss of Minorca 70
12 Colonial American News PASS
13 An Invitation to Dine With Marquis de Lafayette 1300
14 He Served With General Washington 100
15 CDV of 2nd New Hampshire Revolutionary War Veteran PASS
16 CDV of Massachusetts Militia Revolutionary War Veteran PASS
17 CDV of 2nd Connecticut Light Dragoons Revolutionary War Veteran PASS
18 He fought with the 1st New York in the Revolutionary War PASS
19 American Jurist Ephraim Kirby Signed Document 250
20 Biography of Daniel Boone 100
21 Fine Printing of “The Life of Washington” by Marshall with Atlas and Hand-colored Maps 550
22 Three Printed Col. Wm. Fitzhugh & George Washington Documents PASS
23 Folkart “Spirit of ‘76” 50
24 Review of Phillis Wheatley’s Book, “Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral” 325
25 Slave Peter Williamson Writes a Book About His Abduction, His War Experiences, His Capture by Indians, His Capture by the French PASS
26 Patrick Henry Needs To Sell Slaves To Raisew Money For His Part Of The Yazoo Affair 6000
27 Runaway Slave Reward Document 425
28 A New Yorker Wishes to Get an African Servant 150
29 Slave Trade Ship Captained by Outlawed Slaver Freeman Mayberry is Sezied in Newport Rhode Island 250
30 A Slave Overseer is Guilty of Murdering this Mississippi Slave by “Stocks, Starvation and lashes” 1200
31 Negro Susan is Free PASS
32 Anti Slavery Token 300
33 Slave Manumission for 21 Year Old Girl Stating that she is Free from “all the bonds of slavery that she may forever hereafter enjoy all the rights and priviledges of a free woman of color as if s 425
34 17 Year Old Negro Boy is Appraised at $500 60
35 Nice Slave Ship Manifest 750
36 Massasschusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Frees His Slaves 50
37 Paying for Slaves Medical Services and Commission for their Sale 100
38 Witness the Slave Auction 160
39 The Role of Massachusetts as a Free State After the Controversial Kansas-Nebraska Act is Passed PASS
40 Great Insight on Slavery and Black Overseers 375
41 His Boss is a Good Master and Hasnt Struck the Slaves but “Some deserve it” and Much more 200
42 “...The Harpers Ferry case creates some excitement here, the free Negroes will have to leave the state...His Boss is a Good Master and Hasnt Struck the Slaves but “Some deserve it” and Much more 225
43 Slaves and more in Natchez 80
44 Slavery Letterpress Plate 1200
45 Using the Contraband Images 110
46 Arguing Against the Blood Hound Law PASS
47 “Life Among the Cotton Heads” 70
48 7th Pennsylvania Soldier Writes “...A Negro shot a white man in the leg and run, the soldiers followed him and shot twelve bullets into him and one of the officers plunged his sword entirely thro 800
49 Very Strong Illustrations of Blacks Early in the War 70
50 Runaway Slave Advertisement in Washington DC Newspaper Group 180
51 1st Bull Run & The First General Killed in the War & Colored Man ReCaptures Ship 160
52 “Arms of ye Confederacie” 3750
53 An Historically Important Newspaper - Reports the First Combat of Negro Troops 170
54 Negroes and Religion CDV 325
55 Frank Leslie’s Illustrated with Great Negro Troop Images 100
56 Robert Smalls Is Presented With A Gold medal 800
57 Soldiers Letter with Sketch of a Negro Newsboy and a Federal Surgeon 50
58 Engraving of the Only Slave Trader Executed 50
59 Both Armies Used Negro Labor 900
60 He Is Hopeful the Emancipation Will End The War 180
61 Love of Party Over Love of Country PASS
62 Slave Gordon, the Scarred Back Contraband 160
63 The African-American Surgeon Whose Probe Was Used to Remove the Bullet from Abraham Lincoln’s Brain 450
64 Colored Troops at Fort Hudson 100
65 The 3rd Colored Cavalry is a ‘Fighting Regiment” PASS
66 Fort Pillow and the Slaughter of the Colored Troops 100
67 Commission to Teach Freed Slaves in Occupied Virginia 60
68 Nice Sheet Music 50
69 The Biggs Family of Gettysburg 250
70 Rare Colored Sharpshooters Document 475
71 Discharge for a Free Man of Color from New Jersey PASS
72 He Was The First Black on the Supreme Court PASS
73 Treason is a Crime. Traitors must be Punished. I am your Moses. 275
74 “...You consent to base the most sacred of your own rights on the whiteness of your skin, in order that you may take away the most sacred rights of the colored race on account of the blackness of 120
75 “Blind Tom” the Noted Slave Pianist 60
76 They Burned This Slave’s Back as Punishment 50
77 The President Johnson Reconstruction Plan Doesn’t Protect the Freedmen 150
78 The New Orleans Race Riot of 1866 60
79 The Freedmen Rush to Marriage; From CSA President Jefferson Davis Jailed 60
80 A Black Community Established by the Freedman Bureau ... and ... A School for Black Children Run by Blacks 250
81 “...While the Yankees are against the negroes our men - whites, are trying every thing they [can] to excite them. ..” 50
82 Occupied South Carolina Pay Voucher with Negro Servant 50
83 The Day Freed Slaves are Given the Right to Vote - Georgia Governor Rufus Bullock Ratifies the 14th Amendment - Saying Freed Slaves Are Now Citizens of his State and the United States 8000
84 Photographer in Maryland Takes Photographs of the Freed Slaves After Maryland Rejects the 15th Amendment 50
85 Buffalo Soldier Muster Roll Signed by Medal of Honor Recepients John Denny & Brent Woods 425
86 The New Orleans Race Riots as the White Leaguers Take the Capitol PASS
87 The Klan in 1874 190
88 Slavery Continued Well After Our Emancipation PASS
89 The White League Won’t Let the Blacks Vote 140
90 Excellent Suffrage Pamphlet on Anna Howard Shaw and the White Wife of Frederick Douglass 200
91 In 1872, He Became the First African American Nominated for Vice President of the United States 250
92 He Was the First Elected African American US Senator to Serve a Full Term PASS
93 The All Black Mississippi Town - Established by Former Slaves 1100
94 At the 1888 Republican National Convention, he became the first African American to receive a vote for President of the United States in a major party's roll call vote 1300
95 They Were Lynched For This Shoot Out 120
96 Booker T. Washington Addressed This Exposition PASS
97 Noted Black Poet, Paul Dunbar 50
98 Black Faces From the Vaudeville Period PASS
99 Black Field Hands PASS
100 Black Owned Company Issues Stock 300
101 From America’s First Black Comic Strip By R.F. Outcault 90
102 Albumen of Colored Nursemaid PASS
103 Imperial Proclamation by the Founder of the 2nd KKK 60
104 The First Black Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Helps Uncle Sam Raise Money 50
105 The Ku Klux Klan “Forever” 60
106 The Women of the Ku Klux Klan 50
107 1920’s Pro-Klan Broadside 160
108 Smoky Joe Advertising Piece PASS
109 Black Baby Dime Bank Sold for African Missions 60
110 Want to be a Member of the Ku Klux Klan? 50
111 Ku Kluxer Ephemera 110
112 Ku Kluxer Sash 110
113 Four Issues of the 1923 Ku Klux Newspaper from Oregon 80
114 Take Off Your Hoods - We Know You! 70
115 The Ku Klux March PASS
116 The Future of the KKK PASS
117 The “Father of the Blues” PASS
118 Ordering Klan Robes and More 150
119 The Kloran for Women of the KKK 100
120 Four Klan Related Publications PASS
121 Geargia Ku Klux Klan Membership Certificate 130
122 Beautiful Black Family Image 50
123 Blacks Used in Games PASS
124 Three Informative Publications on Lynching 150
125 The Mammy Grocery Menu 50
126 Josephine Baker in Her Prime PASS
127 National Negro Health Week Booklet on Syphilis 50
128 Astonishing Jim Crow Railroad Sign 1200
129 Mammy Advertising Bag PASS
130 To The Back of the Book 110
131 1943 Photograph - American Baptist Theological Seminary, National Baptist Training School PASS
132 Tuskegee Airmen Broadside Signed by two Heroes 300
133 Do Not Segregate “Negro Blood” Says the Red Cross 450
134 The Problem of Violence Between the Races in Los Angeles PASS
135 “The Klan Threatens Again!” - 1946 California Governors Race Pamphlet 70
136 He Was the First Black Major League Baseball Player of the Modern Era 110
137 Lynching in America 140
138 In 1941 Time Magazine Dubbed Him a "Black Leonardo" PASS
139 Folk Art Painting by Renowned Southern Painter Helen LaFrance 2100
140 Fantastic Billie Holiday Photo Inscribed to Boxer Archie Moore 1100
141 This Confederate Officer’s Widow Ran For Georgia Governor Against Racist Herman Talmadge 150
142 Dorothy Dandridge Signed Newspapers 50
143 Three Pro-Segregation Pamphlets 50
144 From The Playboy Club Era PASS
145 Gathering Of the Black Elite - 1961 PASS
146 Dr. King and The Selma Marches 300
147 33 RPM Vynle Record in Jacket PASS
148 South Carolina African-American Folk Art Painting 250
149 Black Panthers Eldridge Cleaver Wanted By The FBI 1200
150 Black Panther Broadsides - Free Huey Newton and Keep Eldridge Cleaver Free 120
151 They have Played 20,000 Games in 118 Countries 110
152 Sammy Davis Grouping 100
153 “The Harlem Renaissance” PASS
154 An Important Archive - Alex Haley was the First Chief Journalist in the Coast Guard, the Rating Having Been Expressly Created for Him in Recognition of his Literary Ability. 1600
155 David Duke the Klans Great White Hope PASS
156 James Earl Ray Typed Letter Signed Mentioning the Martin Luther King Assassination 900
157 He Was the First African American Astronaut 50
158 He Was the First Black General in the United States Air Force 80
159 One of the Most Bitter Senate Confirmation Hearings - Justice Clarence Thomas - As Evidence, Thomas’ statement to the Senate committe included, “This is a circus. It's a national disgrace. And f 550
160 Confederate Attorney General Thomas Bragg Signed Document 120
161 Confederate General Thomas F. Drayton Signed Rail Road Bond 160
162 J.E.B. Stuart Virginia Governor Wise, "Any one endowed with reason... and a common sense of justice, except Mr [Jefferson] Davis, must agree that such an outrageous distinction has no foundation 6500
163 “Though legislature has adjourned, and it is thought the convention will soon; and what will Virginian do?” 1500
164 38th Virignia in the Valley During the Summer of 1861 PASS
165 Election Ticket for Jefferson Davis and A.H. Stephens 250
166 Confederate Virginia Postal Imprints 275
167 North Carolina Soldier Receives his Commission in the 8th NC Troops 225
168 Cotton is Shipped from Louisiana to England in 1861 300
169 Raleigh and Gaston Confederate Stock 50
170 This Scarce and Important Robert E. Lee Broadside, Anticipating the Battle at Antietam, Carries a General Thomas J. Jackson Autograph Note Which Indisputably Proves the Story of Marylander Barba 9500
171 Surgeon in the 37th Virginia Writes a Graphic Letter About Operations and Amputations in the Confederate Hospital After the Battle of Cedar Mountain 2200
172 21st South Carolina Soldiers Correspondance Archive 2300
173 A Widow Attempts to Have Her Son Returned from the Army After Selling him as a Substitute for a Merchant Who Was to go to the 6th Virignia Cavalry 1200
174 Great Island No. 10 Confederate Naval Letter PASS
175 At Yorktown, 6th Georgia Soldier Writes “...Should we be defeated our defeat cannot be attributed to a want of that stubborn heroism so characterist of Southern soldiery on the battle field but 325
176 Arkansas $20 War Bond PASS
177 General Winder Allows a Pennsylvania Soldier’s Father to Visit his Son who was Captured at Ball’s Bluff and is Now Held POW by the Confederate Forces PASS
178 19th Tennessee Infantry Letter Preparing for the Battle of Shiloh 225
179 63rd Virginia Soldier Writes Governor Letcher Seeking to be Dismissed from the Army - Letcher Endorses it and forwards it to General Floyd - Inadvertantly Sentencing the Soldier to Death 150
180 First Battle of Dalton “...the enemy after a brisk engagement on our left near Tunnel Hill were satisfied that our force here was too strong for them and fell back to Chattanooga....” 200
181 38th Alabama Soldier’s Letter “...There is 2 or 3 women here with their husbands, but I had rather not see you and the children than to have you at such a place, with all kind of vulgarism, wick 325
182 Tragedy Strikes this Confederate North Carolina Soldier 140
183 “...Brig. Genl. Chesnut now in command of the Reserve forces of this state has the original map from which the one in this office was copied...” PASS
184 Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road Stock 50
185 Good Content Confederate Letter 120
186 Confederate Georgia Homefront Letter PASS
187 28th Georgia Soldier Writes of the Battle at Seven Pines 200
188 28th Georgia Casualties after Eight Days of Fighting 200
189 The Death of Stonewall Jackson “...I felt like some of my own folks was dead. ..” 200
190 28th Georgia Soldier of Casualties at Fort Harrison PASS
191 28th Georgia Casualties at Battery Wagner 150
192 28th Georgia Soldier Writes of the Battle of the Crater 180
193 28th Georgia Soldier Writes of Being the Target of Two Loads of Grape Shot 225
194 28th Georgia Soldier Writes of the Fall of Atlanta 150
195 28th Georgia Soldier Writes of Being Wounded at Darbytown Road 170
196 28th Georgia Soldier Writes “...The Yanks charged our men yesterday and our boys killed them by the whole sale...” 225
197 Rare Surgeon’s Orders for 28th Georgia Solider 150
198 28th Georgia Soldier WIA at Cold Harbor and Darbytown Road 100
199 28th Georgia Soldier Writes of Prisoners at Crampton’s Gap 100
200 28th Georgia Soldier Wears Rawhide Instead of Shoes on the March from the Valley 160
201 Running Picket at James Island 160
202 Under Fire on James Island 160
203 The Death of the Children of a 28th Georgia Soldier and Fighting by the 6th Georgia 100
204 Rare Surgeon’s Orders for 28th Georgia Solider 100
205 Charge of the 2nd South Carolina Leads to Victory at Williamsburg 1100
207 The Battle of Mechanicsville is Reported by this South Carolina Officer 750
208 2nd South Carolina Soldier Writes of Fighting at Williamsburg 750
209 General William H.T. Walker Writes the Georgia Governor and Requests the use of his Troops at Chickamauga PASS
210 Incredible 21st South Carolina Battle Letter on Gettysburg 1000
211 The “Wizard of the Saddle” Receives his Saddle while in Chattanooga - While Recovering after Being Shot by one of his own Soldiers 1900
212 Chickamauga Campaign And General Hindman's Inter-Command Feud PASS
213 Southern Newspaper Editor Henry Watterson Blasts General Braxton Bragg and Seeks General Polk’s Approval PASS
214 Andrew Ewing Appraises General Polk of the Ill Feelings of General D.H. Hill and Refusal of General Pemberton to Fill his Post 300
215 Acts of the Apostles Carried into Battle by this Young Confederate Hero 475
216 Walter Taylor Orders a 4th Virginia Cav. Soldier be Transferred to the “Powhatan Artillery” with Endorsement by General Lomax 200
217 Marylander Seeks to Go to Europe on Behalf of the Confederacy PASS
218 31st Mississippi Infantry Morning Report 150
219 John Devereux Requires the Assistance of General Polk to Earn his Son a Staff Position PASS
220 These Confederate Brothers Were Both at Gettysburg, Both Captured 160
221 Medal of Honor Winner 140
222 Mississippi Officer Signs a Death Document for Soldier Killed at Vicksburg During the Seige 150
223 Nigger’s In Convention Song Sheet 650
224 Confederate NC Bond Signed by Governors Zebulon Vance and Jonatahn Worth 100
225 Petersburg Rail Road Stock Certificate 50
226 Currier and Ives Portrait of General Thomas Jonathan Jackson 50
227 Tightening the Chain on the Confederate Quartermaster PASS
228 The Military Court System of the Confederacy 50
229 21st South Carolina Soldier Battle Letter PASS
230 Great 11th Texas Infantry Letter 350
231 24th Tennessee Sharpshooters Battalion Officer Writes as a POW 150
232 “...My hopes for the Confederacy are very much depressed, but their never was a cloud so dark but what behind there was a bright sun...” With Nice Camp Chase Stamped Cover 150
233 7th South Carolina Cavalry “... I am really sorry for the people, who live along the river, they are in danger of having their houses & themselves torn up every hour. ...” 425
234 Printed by the Army Printer at Mobile, Alabama PASS
235 15th Georgia Surgeon Writes of the Death of his Brother in the 154th Tennessee PASS
236 1st Alabama Cavalry Letter “...our position is much better now for fighting, and that of the enemy much worse than it has ever been before...” 275
237 Confederate Soldier Under Orders by General Morgan PASS
238 18th North Carolina Prisoners Letter 100
239 Confederate $10 Note Presented by 2nd South Carolina Soldier 50
240 Salem North Carolina Confederate Documents PASS
241 Confederate Soldier Loses His Wife His Kids are Taken in By Another Family PASS
242 Georgia Civilian Writes as Sherman Cuts a Swath Through the Country 50
243 Funding Confederate Prisons, Submarines, Indian Treaties and More PASS
244 Organization of the Confederate Bureau of Conscription PASS
245 Nice Kentucky Soldier’s Parole Issued at Mount Sterling 375
246 Richmond is Being Evacuated by the Confederate Government and Unionism is Rampant in the Final Days of the War 225
247 On the Road to Petition for the Release of the Confederate Prisoners from Carroll County, Virginia 150
248 1st Missiouri Adjutant Writes from Johnson’s Island “...I am no longer a Confederate officer...” 180
249 10th Georgia POW Writes from Johnson’s Island 120
250 Page from Confederate Ledger Book 1865 Richmond 60
251 The Secession of South Carolina and the Ordinance of Secession 550
252 Re-organizing the Confederate Army PASS
253 He Rode with Forrest - and Helps a Man Take the Oath of Allegiance 225
254 Robert E. Lee Looks Feeble 500
255 The South’s Hero PASS
256 Zebulon Vance Autograph Letter Signed to Colonel Tate 140
257 Rare 1/2 Plate Tintype of North Carolina Senators and Letter by Colonel Andrew Cowles and a post-war painting of Cowles 250
258 Autographs of Confederates PASS
259 He Wrote “The History of A Brigade of South Carolinians” in 1866 90
260 He Was Governor During the Hatfield-McCoy Feud 120
261 He Served as Aide Confederate South Carolina Governor Bonham PASS
262 Signed by Mrs. JEB Stuart - Flora Cooke Stuart 250
263 General Thomas L. Rosser Signed Stock Certificate 110
264 Premium Confederate Stamps 120
265 A Typical Confederate Soldier 200
266 Served 56 Years 50
267 General Irwin McDowell Signed Military Document 140
268 Enormous Group of Patriotic Covers 750
269 Nice Bound Volume of Harper’s Weekly for the Full Year 1861 950
270 1861 Broadside on The Arrest and Prosecution of Parson Brownlow - with his Printed Farewell Address 300
271 General Charles Devins Writes a Soldier KIA at Gettysburg about Recruiting for the 15th Mass PASS
272 Eleven front Page Maps PASS
273 The Capture of Fort Donelson in an Extraordinary War Supplement - With a 45” x 16” Engraving 150
274 New Hampshire Colonel - Hero at Battery Wagner - Tells the Governor He Wants to Lead Men into War 150
275 Good Content on General Fremont from this Iowa Officer PASS
276 News of Fredericksburg and Drilling the Pontoon Regiment 150
277 “...I hope this will turn into a war for the extermination of slavery as it will be an infringment on the consitituion which guarantees to all states her rights as individual states...” 250
278 General Dix Uses his Influence for a Connecticut Officer PASS
279 21st Massachusettts Officer is Ready to Burn Some Powder 50
280 7th Pennsylvania Letter on Nice Lettersheet with Cover 225
281 The Early War Congressional Debates 50
282 Three Battle of Manassas Reports from America’s Oldest Catholic Newspaper PASS
283 Lengthy Letter Describes the Battle of Fredricksburg With Schematic Drawings 750
284 Frank Leslies Bound 1862 Volume 1100
285 The Naval Commodore Goldsborough Discusses Capture of the Nashiville, Lincoln, and Teaching the Former Slaves 1600
286 “...The rebels were trying to surround us and the Capt. jumped up on a stump and shot the rebel Col. off his horse. ...” PASS
287 Outstanding 11th Connecticut Infantry Officer’s Letter on the Battle of New Bern, North Carolina PASS
288 The USS John Griffith at the Capture of Fort Jackson with Sketch PASS
289 3rd Iowa Soldier on the Battle of Hatchie River with Fantastic Content “...They were pouring into our ranks grape shot at short range...Our Reg. has in hospital fifty five wounded very bad being 300
290 The Ordnance and Weapons Used by Rickett’s Battery at Cemetery Hill During the Fierce Fighting of Gettysburg and the Hand to Hand Combat Against the Louisiana Tigers 200
291 6th New York Heavy Artillery Military History PASS
292 Unburied Rebels after the Battle of Seven Pines PASS
293 2nd New Hamphire Seven Day’s Campaign Battle Letter 550
294 New York Muster Roll Group 150
295 General James Tuttle and Other Ranking Iowa Officers Recommend a Soldier who Has Proved Himself at Fort Donaldson and Shiloh 160
296 A Brother Writes of the Death of his Sibling in the 1st Ohio Light Artillery 200
297 Broadside Announces the Fall of Fort Donelson and the Escape of Confederate General Floyd 450
298 4th United States Cavalry Group for WIA Officer PASS
299 16th Massachusetts Soldier Receives a Disfiguring Wound to his Face at Glendale, Virginia and Writes his Mother to Tell Her the Bad News 800
300 This Important Issue Has Both the Battle of Antietam and the Lincoln’s Preliminary Emancipation 100
301 General Grant Restructures his Army PASS
302 9th New Jersey Infantry Soldier’s Book Carried in the Field PASS
303 37th Iowa Officer Appeals to Govenor Kirkwood on behalf of Company B, 5th Iowa Infantry PASS
304 WIA at Pea Ridge This Officer Wants to Resign Instead of Being Mustered-Out PASS
305 6th Iowa Cavalry Letter PASS
306 25th Maine Chaplains Letter “...A white man educated here is not worth much, a negro may be worth a little more but...not so good as a our own New England..." 130
307 15th Connecticut Soldier Writes of Politics and War News 110
308 General Gershom Mott Signed Discharge for a 6th New Jersey Soldier 140
309 The Battle of Gaines Mill 190
310 16th Mass on the Confederate Women of Norfolk “...the women are growing bold and a good many Secesh badges are worn on the street by them. The other night while on patrol, I was called a hessian 250
311 He Declared Himself a Confederate Under General Hindeman and Robbed a Slave Family 100
312 1st Mississippi of African Descent War-date Command Document 100
313 105th Ohio Infantry Letter Group 100
314 Vicksburg - Helena - Negro Troops PASS
315 Newspapers With Front Page Maps PASS
316 Official Army Register Lists the Resignation of the Top Commanders of the Confederate Forces 100
317 The Antietam Battle in Frank Leslie’s PASS
318 Frank Leslie’s with Great Centerspreads PASS
319 Important Center Spread Engravings - Includes Lincoln, Monitor/Merrimac 50
320 General to General Letter with Response 70
321 He Wants to be the Commissioner for Militia Exemptions in Dubuque, Iowa PASS
322 Recommendation by Notable Citizens of Des Moines, Iowa for a Civil War Officer PASS
323 Wife Writes that Her Husband Got Drunk and was Forced to Reinlist 50
324 Paying for Transportation of a Soldier on the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad 50
325 15th New Hampshire Soldier Writes of Seeing Slaves Along the Mississippi River 110
326 51st United States Colored Troops Document PASS
327 51st United States Colored Troops Document Signed by General Webber 50
328 Explanation for Muster Outs of the 3rd Missiouri Signed by General Yorke 70
329 1st Mississippi of African Descent War-date Document 50
330 11th New York Cavalry Songsheet PASS
331 Was Semmes’ Alabama Considered to be British 50
332 The Release and Promotion of the New York Colonel Michael Corcoran, an Irish Hero PASS
333 4th Delaware Soldiers Letter with Map of Yorktown and Troop Placements 425
334 The 4th Delaware Invades Virginia 225
335 A Woman Beats a Secessionist and he Threatens to Sue 100
336 “......I will never live in Smyrna again, that old secession hole. This Regt dont want any better fun than to burn it down. ...” 100
337 “...Nearly all of our company have embraced religion....if I die in Virginia be assured that we will meet in heaven...” 100
338 Colonel James Mulligan Writes of the “Parkesburgh Prize” PASS
339 To the Commander of the Irish Dragoons PASS
340 James Mulligan Requests a Resolution on the Conduct of the Irish Brigade at Lexington 100
341 ...Union men destroy secession property and Rebels destroy Union mens property so that between the two Virginias is a barren waste... 275
342 50th New York Engineers on the Road to Washington 100
343 An Officer Has Two Drunken Soldiers Box It Out PASS
344 Playing Tricks on a Freed Slave 225
345 “Sinners Dress Right” PASS
346 At the Conclusion of Fredericksburg PASS
347 The 50th New York Engineers are Off to War 50
348 Burning Bodies on the Battlefield at Seven Pines PASS
349 1st New Jersey Artillery Letter with Good Content on the Game Played Between Grant and Lee PASS
350 1st New Jersey - Close of the War and the Death of Abraham Lincoln PASS
351 The War is Over and Jeff Davis Should be Hung as a Traitor 850
352 On Grant and Lincoln “...God has raised them both for this especial purpose, both are of but common birth, and it will be sufficient to immoratalize them both if they bring about a Union once aga PASS
353 Occupying Hampton Roads and Seeing the Monitor 200
354 Burning Bodies on the Battlefield after Seven Pines PASS
355 1st New Jersey Light Artillery Soldier’s Letter PASS
356 1st New Jersey Light Artillery Soldier Goes off to War PASS
357 The Abolition of Slavery in D.C. Leads to an Exodus from Virginia 150
358 Wiley Gives his View on the Battle of Chancellorsville and More PASS
359 “...The Sixth Corps caputred a hundred or more prisioners when they crossed. ...” PASS
360 “...I think that we shall succeed in taking Vicksburg and Pembertons command wtih it. The city ought to be burnt to the ground or otherwise destroyed...” 150
361 “...I took 2 Rebs as prisoners they were from the 2nd Georgia Battalion, and were very intelligent men and talked nearly sensible....” PASS
362 “...War is a terrible calamity to befall a nation and especially so when it is a civil war and among people like ours...Nothing but desolation remains when our armies march....” 150
363 Politics Influences Command and the Arrest of Confederate Women who Led a Michigan Officer to be Captured 225
364 An Officer is Used to Publicize the 2nd Brigade in the Newspapers 225
365 Staging for the Gettysburg Campaign and News of Grant in the West 160
366 Writing While in Line to go to Gettysburg 160
367 Captain Wiley wants out of the 104th and to Raise an Artillery Unit 110
368 Captain Wiley is Ready for Battle 130
369 104th New York Infantry Soldier’s Letter 70
370 6th New Hampshire Casualties at 2nd Bull Run 300
371 The 9th New Hampshire at Antietam 250
372 9th New Hampshire Letter Mentions Stonewall and More 250
373 9th New Hampshire Soldier Reports on Casulaties in the 6th New Hampshire 180
374 Rebel Prisoners after Antietam and More 225
375 Cover Franked by Spotsylvania Court House Casualty 225
376 The Cavalry in Action 100
377 Feeling out the Defenses of Fredericksburg 225
378 Before Fredericksburg - The 9th New Hampshire Waits and Watches 200
379 9th New Hampshire Soldiers Letter 50
380 Going Through Baltimore Where the Mass Boys was Insulted and Fighting at Manassas 90
381 Army Cuisine in the 9th NH Infantry 50
382 New Hampshire Soldier Does Not Like his Chaplain 50
383 Rebels Burn the Pontoon Bridge 130
384 9th New Hampshire Soldier’s Feet are to Big to Fit in Army Reg Shoes 180
385 Extraordinary Signed Document Directly Related to the Court-Martial of Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter 2500
386 Outstanding Battle of Gettysburg Letter with Fantastic Content 1000
387 72nd New York Soldier Writes of Playing Various Sports and Covers his Capture at Chancellorsville, His Being Held a Prisoner by the Confederates and his Parole 700
388 Atrocious Casualties at Chancellorsville 300
389 30th Massachusetts Soldier’s Diary 425
390 Private Dies of Disease Due to Physicians Negligance PASS
391 General Henry Slocum War-date Letter to General Danile Butterfield 300
392 Pursuing General Bragg after the Battle of Stones River PASS
393 Irish-American Civil War Hero James Mulligan War-date Signed Letter PASS
394 War-date General Wool Letter on the Civil War “...the most gigantic and bloody the world has ever known; the causes which led to it, including a notice of the weak and imbecilic if not pusillanim 275
395 The 68th New York Receives their Colors - the Same Flag they Waved in Defense of Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg 700
396 Chaplain of the 61st Illinois Infantry Writes of Fighting with General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Teaching Them a Lesson with thier Austrian Rifles 300
397 3rd Massachusetts Infantry Writes of Capturing a Guerilla in North Carolina, an “Uncle Tom” Plantation and much more 300
398 Rare Gettysburg Item - “The Children of the Battle Field” Sheet Music PASS
399 Vicksburg Surrender Parole Document 550
400 144th New York Soldier is Ready to Get it on with his Wife 325
401 Civil War Gettysburg Campaign Regimental PASS
402 Lt. John Phelps Requests Reinforcements Shortly after Quantrill’s Sacking of Lawrence ,Kansas 150
403 Major Greenwalt Misses Passage On The Doomed Vessel & Aids In Recovering The Remains Of Victims PASS
404 Intense Coverage of the Battle of Chancelorsville with FOUR MAPS PASS
405 Sailor aboard the Mortar Schooner “Oliver H. Lee” Writes “... by going into Fort Morgan with wooden vessels you would gain nothing at all. You would loose a good deal of life....” 110
406 The Battle of Gettysburg PASS
407 Rare 1st Mississippi Infantry Pass 180
408 44th Massachusetts Group 200
409 War-date Letter by the Governor of Maine 100
410 15th Connecticut Infantry Officers Letter 140
411 17th Indiana Soldier’s Letter “... They fired in to our train yesterday and wounded 2 or 3 and took 2 or 3 pieces " 225
412 12th New Hampshire Infantry “...Last night some of the gray backs collected boards together some way and made a ladder and tried to escape over the fence but got defeated in their plans. I think 140
413 Brigadier General William Wells Signed Document - Awarded the Medal of Honor for his Action at Gettysburg 100
414 Union Paymaster’s Clerk Drowns While on Board the Steamer ‘Ruth’ PASS
415 141st Pennsylvania Soldier Writes of a Grand Review and Drunken Soldiers PASS
416 Hard Fought at Shiloh, Perryville, and Stones River PASS
417 WIA at Fair Oaks, KIA at Petersburg PASS
418 POW Form Signed by Soldiers in the “Wildcat Regiment” PASS
419 Grant Enters Vicksburg PASS
420 Color Printed Patriotic Cover 50
421 Signal Corp Letter 50
422 President of the Dubque & Sioux City Rail Road Writes Governor Kirkwood Pertaining to a Commission of Captain Jesse Harrison 50
423 Lincoln General Hospital Imprint PASS
424 The Smith Brothers Write their Mother from the Field 100
425 New York State Rifles Discharge 100
426 He Was Severely Cut at Gettysburg within Arm’s Length of Taking General Hampton’s Flag 100
427 A Soldier’s Mother Tries to Get Him Out of the Service PASS
428 North Carolina Themed “Root, Hog, or Die!” 350
429 New Yorker is Denied Permission to Ship Goods to Southern Ports that are under Blockade Orders 60
430 24th Iowa Infantry Letter from Natchez, Mississippi 90
431 Kansas Muster Roll Group 100
432 90th Ohio Vols. Soldier Gets Military Updates from his Mother 50
433 Blacks in the War 60
434 JEB Stuart’s Cavalry in Action 50
435 More on the Siege of Vicksburg 50
436 Complete Year of Harper’s Weekly - 1864 550
437 Cannon Trajectory Map Penned by the Commander of Fort Sheridan Who Was Awarded the Medal of Honor for Action at Perryville 250
438 Fantastic Battle of Allatoona Letter “...We all had muskets & fired away like Trojans....We could see the whites of their eyes, they came so close, but we beat them back time after time ” 250
439 General Payne wants his Regiment Consolidated and to be Discharged from the Service 600
440 He Received his Medal of Honor at the Battle of Perryville PASS
441 War-date Endorsement Signed by General Benjamin Stone Roberts 300
442 Medal of Honor Receipient Lt. Joseph Follett of the 1st Missiouri Light Artillery Arranges for Charges to Be Dropped in a Court Martial of Two of his Command PASS
443 Special Orders for MOH Recipient Joseph Follett, Signed by General E.B. Alexander on Rare Missiouri Lettersheet PASS
444 General James Blair Steedman - Hero of Chickamauga - War-Date Signed Document PASS
445 “...We had quite a hot time getting our battery under cover of the works, as the enemy have three or four batteries about a thousand yards in front of us. All of them opened on us with shot and 150
446 Union Signalman Letter During the Atlanta Campaign 160
447 Battle of Cold Harbor, with Casualties “...we whipped the rebs in every fight we had yet this summer. We have fights every day...” PASS
448 44th New York Officer Gave a Hand to the U.S. Effort During the Civil War and Then Had to Fight for a Pension PASS
449 He Took Mason and Slidell as Prisoners 160
450 1st Maine Cavalry Letter with Map & Drawings of Fort and Telegraph Lines 250
451 Good Florida Battle Letter PASS
452 This Famous General had an Even More Well-known Son 190
453 Seige of Atlanta Letter 100
454 Musuem Quality 24th Massachusetts Artwork 100
455 Rare 3rd Mississippi Colored Cavalry Letter PASS
456 This Officer Was Wounded in Action During Pickett’s Charge PASS
457 John R. Bruce of the 4th Iowa Infantry is a Deadbeat - So Says His Wife PASS
458 War-date Register of Connecticut Volunteers 225
459 6th New York Artillery Book PASS
460 The First Battle of Manassas Remembered by a 71st NY State Militia Soldier PASS
461 War-date Pass Signed by Secretary of War Stanton for a New York Tribune Reporter 140
462 10th New Hampshire Writes of the Fall of Atlanta 140
463 3rd Pennsylvania Officer’s Document PASS
464 Military Prison Guards Received Thier Clothes PASS
465 Banned for Being Disloyal - Unusual Civil War History PASS
466 On the March to the Sea and Sherman Making Georgia Groan - this 87th Indiana Soldier Says they Lived off the Land and Did so “pretty well generally” 150
467 At Atlanta “...the Rebels fought like mad bulls and charged seven times in our lines and got badly used...” 170
468 He is Best Known for his Battery’s Defense against a Confederate Attack on Cemetery Hill on the Second Day of the Battle of Gettysburg PASS
469 Whiskey for the Cavalry PASS
470 Rare 2nd Nebraska Cavalry Discharge 200
471 General Jackson and his Two Servants are Paid 100
472 37th Mass Soldiers Pencil Sketch of Punishmnet 300
473 141st Pennsylvania Soldier Writes “...Grant is giving the Johnnys fits I think he will be in that cursed hole Richmond soon, our loss has been frightful, but then our gains our encouraging. ...” 70
474 141st Pennsylvania Officer WIA & Taken POW at Morris Farm, Virginia, Writes of Girls, Drink and Being in Command PASS
475 The Raid on St. Albans 90
476 Confederates Burn New York City PASS
477 General Truman Seymour Signed Discharge 100
478 Andersonville Prison Map 60
479 Soldier’s Temperance General Order and Original Receipt PASS
480 The Skirmish at Cedar Creek - Rare Florida General Order 50
481 He Died of Wounds Two Months After Entering the Service PASS
482 Brevet General George Drake Asks for Records from the 2nd New York Cavalry 50
483 Lt. Colonel George B. Drake Signed War-date Document PASS
484 12th Maine Signed Document PASS
485 This Vermont Soldier Critizes The Home Guard 170
486 A Tennesse Woman Anguishes Over the Loss of her Brother in the “land of Rebellion” 50
487 Controlling the Civilian Population of Jacksonville PASS
488 No Galloping Horses in Jacksonville PASS
489 The Skirmish at Cedar Creek - Rare Florida General Order PASS
490 Controlling the Price of Goods in Florida 50
491 The Freed Slaves who Find Themselves without Jobs are Ordered to Work Camp 325
492 The Fall of Nashville, Thomas Defeats Hood PASS
493 Harper Weekly Engraved Sheets 50
494 John Hunt Morgan Killed PASS
495 Each Issue Has Election Ticket for McClellan for President and Pendleton for Vice President PASS
496 The Day-to-Day War Reporting - A New York World Grouping - Sherman, Hood, McClellan, Davis PASS
497 The Day-to-Day War Reporting - Another New York World Grouping - Fall of Savannah, Fort Fisher, Pulaski PASS
498 Important Naval Document Pertaining to the CSS Tallahassee 425
499 Admiral Porter Writes of Exploding a Powder Filled Ship off of Fort Fisher and than Making a Grand Attack 450
500 Orders to Stop the Rebel Blockade Runners at Wilmington 275
501 US Naval Letter on Painting Blockaders 200
502 16th Massachusetts Letter Group with Great Close of War Content 3500
503 General Phil Sheridan Writes of the Valor During the Civil War of Lt. Joseph Follett, who was Earned the Medal of Honor for his Action at Perryville PASS
504 Execution of the Lincoln Conspirators, Captain Wirz and Camp Ferguson - Several Winslow Homers 250
505 War Reminiscence of General Martin Davis Hardin PASS
506 1st New Jersey at Hatcher’s Run with Fantastic Content PASS
507 Important Field Printed Broadside on the Surrender of General Taylor’s Forces to General E.R.S. Canby PASS
508 Field Printed - Pertaining to Hatcher’s Run PASS
509 Great Service Records on these Civil War Officers PASS
510 Jeremiah B. Cook of the 3rd United States Colored Cavalry Receives Praise and a Promotion for Leading his Regiment Against Hood’s Confederates PASS
511 Georgia Guerillas “go round plundering and hanging Union people....” In February 1865 PASS
512 1st New York Dragoon’s Soldier Sketches his Camp 160
513 18th New Hampshire Appointment Signed by Colonel Joseph Messer Clough 100
514 14th Ohio Infantry Muster-Out Roll PASS
515 127th United States Colored Troops Muster Roll 300
516 “...All Persons found in arms Against the United States...Will be Regarded as guerillas, and Punished with Death...” Issued the Day After the Captured of President Jefferson Davis 120
517 105th Pennsylvania “Wildcats Regiment” Circular Signed by the Company Commanders PASS
518 5th Michigan Infantry Officer WIA Circular PASS
519 Autographs of Civil War Heroes 60
520 He Was the First Officer in the Breastworks at Nashville 120
521 72nd Ohio Officer Writest he Daughter of General Buckland 80
522 Colonel of the 7th New Jersey is Mustered Out PASS
523 Future Vice President Thomas Hendricks Writes General Jefferson Davis about his Future in the U.S. Army after Speaking with President Johnson 250
524 He Commanded the Defeated Federal Forces at the Battle of Fairfield, Pennsylvania 120
525 Boss Tweed Signed Document PASS
526 Regimental History of the 12th New York State Militia PASS
527 Famouse Jewish Civil War Officer on the Staff of General Reynolds when he was Killed at Gettysburg PASS
528 8th New York Heavy Artillery Roll PASS
529 General Mussey is Sued by the Federal Government for $24,000 80
530 Map of the Second Highest Number of Casualties PASS
531 11th New York Recollections PASS
532 General John C. Smith Requests and is Refused the Congressional Medal of Honor for his Actions at Chickamauga 180
533 8th New York Heavy Artillery Soldier’s Autobiography PASS
534 Rare “OUR FIRST PRESIDENT” Confederate CDV by Quinby 700
535 Jefferson Davis and His Officers 100
536 Signed War-date CDV of the Chief Surgeon of the 3rd Division of the 11th Corps made Famous at Gettysburg 200
537 20th USCT Signed CDV 250
538 Stereoview of General ‘Baldy’ Smith 170
539 Zoave Encampment 170
540 Armed Soldier 170
541 Armed Union Soldier Tintype 170
542 Union Soldier Tintype 160
543 This Veteran of Two Wars is Recovering From His Wounds PASS
544 It Was Incorrectly Reported That She Taunted Stonewall Jackson’s Troops 100
545 Leaders of the Confederate Military 100
546 He Surrendered Port Hudson to the Yankees 100
547 CDV Signed by General William P. Jones 120
548 Mulato Federal Soldier 425
549 Scarce Image of one of The Nancy Harts Who Defended their Georgia Town from Yankee Raiders 325
550 The Gettysburg Victor - George Meade 190
551 He Commanded the CSS ‘Alabama’ 150
552 Signed 4th New York Heavy Artillery Officer’s CDV 150
553 The Packet Boat that Transported the Body of Stonewall Jackson 50
554 Civil War Drumsticks ID’d to 90th New York Musician PASS
555 Confederate Money 130
556 Death Before Dishonor and the Assassin of Abraham Lincoln 200
557 Presentation of Oil Painting to Chamberlain’s Aide PASS
558 Engravings of the War Military Leaders. PASS
559 The Appomattox Surrender Photograph 225
560 The War Recalled in Color Lithographs PASS
561 The Patriotic Standard of mid 1900’s PASS
562 Campaign Token 100
563 A Pair of John Bell Covers PASS
564 The First Photograph Of President-Elect Abraham Lincoln With a Beard 375
565 McClellan, Lincoln and His Cabnet Review the Troops in This Period 32” x 21” Engraving PASS
566 Lincoln in the Heavenly Skies 110
567 Abraham Lincoln Silver Indian Peace Medal 10500
568 Full Printing of the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation PASS
569 Lincoln Discusses Colonization With Free Black Men 550
570 Lincoln’s Annual Report to Congress Recomends Buying the Slaves and Colonizing Them 350
571 President Lincoln Advocates Gradual Emancipation Through the Federal Government Buying the Slaves 475
572 President Lincoln Rebukes General Hunter’s Emancipation of Slaves in the States of Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. PASS
573 In Spite Of The New York Draft Riots, President Lincoln Issues the Call in New York 14000
574 Lovely Photographic Locket 275
575 1864 Lincoln Folk Art Flag 2750
576 The Bixby Letter From President Abraham Lincoln to Bereaved Mother of Five Sons Died in the War 250
577 A Complete Printing of President Lincoln’s Draft Call of 300,000 Men PASS
578 Survived the April 14th Assassination Attempt 70
579 Abraham Lincoln Mourning Ribbon with Photograph of the President 475
580 The Lincoln Conspiritors Are Executed 100
581 Nice Composite Image of the Assassins of Abraham Lincoln 225
582 The Day Abraham Lincoln Was Shot the Country Was Celebrating PASS
583 American Numismatic Society Abraham Lincoln Plaquette, 1909 450
584 Large Displayable Lincoln Piece 110
585 Lincoln by Famous Sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt 50
586 Lincoln Large Commoration Pennies 130
587 400 Year Old Military Engraving 275
588 President Madison Declares Peace in the War of 1812 PASS
589 War of 1812 Recruiting Party Return PASS
590 “Don’t Give Up The Ship” - Death of Captain James Lawrence Grouping 150
591 War of 1812 Vermont Soldier Enlistment 120
592 War of 1812 Massachusetts Soldier Enlistment & Bounty 110
593 War of 1812 New York Soldier Enlistment & Bounty 110
594 War of 1812 Bounty Receipts 110
595 The Hero of New Orleans and “Sink the Enemy or be Sunk” PASS
596 One of Only 750 Copies - Signed by the Author of “Jean Laffite” PASS
597 Grouping of Ohio Militiamen Henry Hubbard 500
598 The Record Book for the USS Brandywine While on Patrol in off the Coast of Brazil 800
599 Naval Officer’s Photographic Grouping 900
600 Rare ALS by Eli Whitney, Jr. Pertaining to the Production of a Rifle for the U.S. Army 225
601 Indian Wars Period Photograph PASS
602 2nd Pennsylvania Albumen Photograph PASS
603 He Fought at Wounded Knee PASS
604 Spanish American Pennsylvania Group 100
605 Span-Am War Casualty Photograph 50
606 Klan “Special Document” on the World Court 60
607 Nazi Ephemera Grouping - 25 Pieces PASS
608 From The Nazi Government PASS
609 He Was Awarded the Purple Heart 100
610 This Ship Was Grounded in the Pearl Harbor Attack 50
611 Interesting German Canteen 50
612 A Week after the Surrender of Japan and Two Days Before the Japanese Forces in Korea Surrendered - General Douglas MacArthur Warns Koreans they Will be Executed if they Attack Allied Forces 300
613 The Important Synagogue PASS
614 the Famous Copper Traders - Hendricks Family of New York PASS
615 He Founded and Directed the Boston Conservatory of Music PASS
616 Gorgeous Albumen of Rabbi Felsenthal PASS
617 CDV’s by Jewish Photographers PASS
618 He Graduated #1 in His 1823 West Point Class 60
619 Prominent Jews in Charleston - 1860 PASS
620 Jewish Officer PASS
621 Judah Benjamin Note 50
622 Judah Benjamin on a Bond 60
623 He was the First Jewish Commodore of the United States Navy 120
624 Jewish Barnum Circus Freak CDV 60
625 A Jewish Leader 110
626 Jewish Actresses PASS
627 The First Zionist Bank PASS
628 Two Early 1920’s Ku Klux Klan Anti-Jewish Propaganda 50
629 Jewish Woman - World War Two Collection PASS
630 The Birth of Modern Israel PASS
631 Early Georgia Land Indenture for the Akins Family of Warren County PASS
632 1808 New York City Prisoner Document PASS
633 Rare Chimney Stove License PASS
634 The Town Clock of Coxsackie, New York PASS
635 50 Years of American History 50
636 Group of Albany, New York Paper PASS
637 The Choctaw Indians and the Payment for Public Lands by the Use of Scrip PASS
638 The Greenville & Columbia Rail Road Stock PASS
639 19th Century Students Handmade Books with Poems and Essays 80
640 Nebraska Territory Letter with Election Ticket 110
641 From John James Audubon “The Birds of America” PASS
642 The American Rules For Dueling 325
643 B&O Rail Road Stock PASS
644 Two Winslow Homer Illustrations in the Same Issue PASS
645 Winslow Homer Captures the Image of a Mechanical Killer PASS
646 Youthfull Summer Scene by Winslow Homer 100
647 Winslow Homer Romantic Summer Scene PASS
648 Another in the Winslow Homer Summer Series 100
649 Winslow Homer Engraving - Long Beach New Jersey PASS
650 Winslow Homer - The Boys Are “Waiting For A Bite” 100
651 Rare Die for a Horace Greely 1872 Presidential Campaign Piece 120
652 Women Voting in New Jersey in the 18th Century PASS
653 Magenta Oil Company Stock Certificate 50
654 1870 Auction Broadside 90
655 The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 PASS
656 Nice Grouping of Harper’s Weekly Illustrated PASS
657 First Use of the Elephant as the Republican Party 100
658 Mormons, Ku Klux Klan, Buffalo PASS
659 Currier and Ives Engraving PASS
660 Important Men & Women - 1873 60
661 In Defense of Character in Florida PASS
662 Yellow Fever Broadside PASS
663 Rare Ben Butler For Governor Handout/Broadside, c. 1870's PASS
664 Group of Illustrated London Newspapers 50
665 Scarce Temperance Newspaper 150
666 The Ku Klux Klan on Charles Lindbergh 50
667 Report on The Killing of Gangster Clyde Barrow Issued the Day He Was Killed 100
668 Famous Southern Historian J.G. de Roulhac Hamilton TLS PASS
669 Tennesse Political Archive 110
670 The First Women Appointed to a Cabinet Post PASS
671 Beatles Memorabilia PASS
672 The National States Rights Party Pamphlet and George Wallace Silk Ribbon PASS
673 First Report of the Moon Landing PASS
674 He Wrote “Geargia On My Mind” PASS
675 He Was Born During a Visit by Halley's Comet, and Predicted That He Would "go out with it" as Well. He Did. 250
676 The Author and the Actor Reconcile 800
677 Horace Greely Stereoview 100
678 Early Fire Department Photograph 275
679 This American Explorer Claimed to be the First Person to Reach the North Pole 250
680 Washington DC 100 Years Ago 325
681 George Washington’s Farewell 8000
682 George Washington Becomes the Nations First President and The Inaugural Day is Recounted in this Letter by a Spectator at that Monumental Event 1350
683 George Washington Inaugural Button 1400
684 George Washington Inaugural Button 500
685 George Washington's Carriage at Philadelphia Sanitary Fair 1864 100
686 Enormous Portrait of General Jackson 250
687 The Battle of New Orleans Featuring Future President Andrew Jackson 150
688 Albert Newsam Stone Portrait of Andrew Jackson 100
689 Andrew Jackson Monument Subscription PASS
690 Andrew Jackson by J.B. Richardson PASS
691 Lithograph by James Baillie of General Jackson 190
692 Van Buren Passes to the Secretary of War 225
693 William Henry Harrison Signed Document as Governor of Indiana Territory 1400
694 The Cost of Burying a President 170
695 The “Accidental President” Receives a Letter from Representative Hayward Pertaining to Bounty Land in Arkansas 140
696 Virginian’s Manuscript “ROOT HOG OR DIE” 225
697 Andrew Johnson ALS as a Member of Congress 1200
698 The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 100
699 Very Impressive Presidential Candidate Grant Signed CDV with Nice Association to the Photographer 2100
700 Unique Ulysses Grant Campaign Item 375
701 President U.S Grant Parian Ware bust, 100
702 President U.S. Grant and Family Stereoview 120
703 Trade With China Was Important to President Hayes 750
704 Hayes Defines the Treasury Depart Leadership Plan 325
705 Washington through Hayes PASS
706 The Presidential Politics of 1888 PASS
707 More 1888 Presidential Politics PASS
708 Great Color Images in These Issues of Puck PASS
709 The 100 Anniversary of the Constitution 50
710 Presidential Politics in Color from Puck PASS
711 Highly Politically Charged Issues of Puck PASS
712 Early Color Cartoon Regarding the Prohibition Party PASS
713 Document Sign by both William and Ida McKinley 550
714 Graphic Political Postcards for the Presidential Race of 1908 PASS
715 Large Engravings of the Presidents 150
716 Mammoth Theodore Roosevelt Photograph 275
717 President Wilson Inscribes a Photo To His French Counterpart 2500
718 Signed Photograph As President 200
719 First edition of the Report of President's Committee on Civil Service Improvement, signed by all members of the committee Roosevelt entrusted with moving several thousand federal employees into t 750
720 Presidential Free Franks PASS
721 The Team Was Re-Elected PASS
722 President Kennedy to pull troops out of Vietnam? PASS
723 President Johnson Acknowledges His Nato Commander 350
724 The White Correspondents Award in Named in His Honor 400
725 This One Is All About The Date 475
726 General Edward Canby Civil War-date Autograph Letter Signed to General R.B. Mitchell 500
727 Out in California - Good Western Letters 300
728 Strong Carte-de-Visite Portrait of General Custer 750
729 Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Company Map PASS
730 Negotiating Treaties with the Black Feet and other Indian Tribes PASS
731 Indian Wars Discharge for Medal of Honor Receipient Signed by Two Civil War Generals PASS
732 Rare George Custer Photograph 4500
733 Cabinet Card of George Armstrong Custer by Mora 2100
734 Nice Silver Print of George A. Custer 225
735 Annie Oakley on Canvas 3750
736 He Received the Medal of Honor in 1872 for Service to the US Army as a Scout 160
737 Buffalo Bill In the Ten Gallon Hat 100
738 Bill in a Wild Shirt PASS
739 Perhaps the Best Known Buffalo Bill Photograph 500
740 Excellent Collotype of “Kaw-U-Tz” PASS
741 “On The War Path” by George Cornish 100
742 George Cornish’s “The Round Up” 50
743 “Texas Long Horns” Collotype PASS
744 “Old Monarchs of the Plains” by George Cornish PASS
745 “A True Girl of the West” by Cornish 50
746 George Cornish’s “The Belle of the Ranch” PASS
747 Pancho Villa Expedition Letter to Noted International Financier James Luitweiler PASS
748 The 101 Ranch - Tom Mix and His Daughter Ruth Mix Photos 200
749 The Yankee Greats of the 1950’s 475
750 Cap Anson and the Philadelphia Athletics 100
751 Exceptional Issue with Two Baseball engravings AND an important Winslow Homer Engraving 110
752 Baseball Game Between the Red Stockings and the Athletics - 1874 PASS
753 Enormous Print - Collegiate Regatta PASS
754 1888 Baseball Photographs 1000
755 1889 Baseball Photographs 1000
756 Strong Early Baseball Tintype 350
757 Late 19th Century Baseball Score Cards. 100
758 Turkey Red Cigarette Baseball Card 250
759 Baseball Turn-of-the-Century PASS
760 Fun Grouping of Baseball Trade Cards 225
761 Ruth In Military Unifor - 1924 90
762 Collection of Boxing Awards PASS
763 The Bambino Gets Behind the Plate 90
764 The Two Babes 90
765 Sultan of Swat Swaggers from the Dugout 90
766 The Babe Turns to Coaching 90
767 He Was The Only Undefeated Heavy Weight Boxing Champion PASS
768 Curt Flood - The First Free Agent 100
769 Signed Baseball By Several Greats PASS
770 Dream Week - Curt Flood PASS
771 Black Professional Athletes PASS
772 Willie Mays Signed First Day Cover PASS
773 Willie Mays Signed Hall of Fame Cover PASS